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Advancements in Cleaning and Passivation of Cooling Water Systems

Advancements in Cleaning and
Passivation of Cooling Water Systems

Raymond M. Post, P.E., Prasad Kalakodimi, Ph.D., Jeffrey O’Brien, and Richard H. Tribble, Chemtreat

A powerful new chemistry for protecting industrial cooling systems from corrosion

Effective cleaning and passivation of heat exchangers and piping is required during initial start-up and periodically during the operational life of the system.

Download this whitepaper to learn about a powerful new passivation chemistry that protects the base metal during the cleaning process and provides a persistent passive film that resists corrosion for several days as the system is placed back in service.

  • One-step cleaning and passivation

  • Protect against corrosion

  • Remove rust and deposition

  • Restore thermal performance

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