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Fireside Treatment

Fireside boiler treatment is necessary to prevent fireside slag/deposition from fuel ash components, fireside corrosion, and cold end corrosion. ChemTreat has fuel conditioner products that primarily consist of organometallic formulations and help address problems associated with precombustion, combustion, and postcombustion.


In the precombustion area, water can create corrosion problems with storage tank surfaces and oil transfer lines, as well as contribute to flameouts. In order to minimize the potential for water-related problems, ChemTreat has engineered fuel conditioners to emulsify water into the oil. We also offer fuel additives that control sludge formation, preventing problems associated with pumping, straining, plug oil preheaters, and burner tips.


ChemTreat provides valuable catalysts to enhance combustion, thus reducing stack particulate (unburned carbon) emissions. Excessive stack emissions can create “out-of compliance” situations, resulting in unfavorable publicity and/or fines for your plant. Left untreated, aesthetic problems with soot, smut and other particulates building up on fireside surfaces can also occur, causing loss of efficiency and potentially dangerous explosive conditions.


The basic postcombustion problems are slagging and corrosion on the cold and/or hot sides of a boiler. The corrosion is due to SO2 being catalyzed by the vanadium-laden slag to form sulfuric acid on the cooler sections of a boiler. Modification of the slag with ChemTreat’s fuel conditioners can successfully minimize corrosion, as well as slag buildup.