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Boiler Feedwater Treatment


Boiler Feedwater Treatment

Proper boiler feedwater treatment is of utmost importance in boiler operations. ChemTreat has application experience and solutions for protecting your boiler feedwater system from corrosion.

boiler feed water treatment

Proper Boiler Preparation

ChemTreat has the most experienced field engineers among boiler water treatment companies. We will evaluate and keep these processes running properly so the feedwater to your steam generators is properly treated and consistent.

Our treatment methods for feedwater focus on the removal and control of alkalinity and dissolved gases with oxygen scavenging and alkalizing chemistries.


Deaerators are critical components for treating boiler makeup water. If not removed, dissolved gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ammonia will cause corrosion in the boiler system. ChemTreat has expertise servicing every kind of deaerator system, including tray-type and spray-type, both of which rely on steam scrubbing the water to remove dissolved gases. We will tailor our treatment approach to ensure your assets are protected and downtime for cleanings is reduced.

ChemTreat field engineers begin their treatment approach with a thorough examination of our customer’s deaerators. They inspect the installation, level, internal parts, funnels, and pipes to ensure that scale or debris has not accumulated, preventing flow within the system.

In our experience, some of the operational issues that can severely impact performance include:

  • Operation outside rated capacity
  • Improper or damaged pressure-reducing valves
  • Failure to maintain continuous positive steam pressure
  • Infrequent or improper venting
  • Leaks in the external vent condenser
  • Contaminating deaerated water with oxygenated water
Case History | Reduce Plant Downtime
Carryover Control

ChemTreat solves deposit control issues caused by carryover in Ethanol plant’s steam control valves
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Case History | Boiler Feed System
Automated Feed Systems

Major variances in cycle control, conductivity, P-alkalinity, phosphate control, and overall chemical control.
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Download the resources below to learn more about our capabilities:

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Boiler System Failures Manual
Access ChemTreat’s manual for analysis and diagnosis of boiler system failures. This manual contains examples of issues in specific boiler system components that can affect your operational efficiency.

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