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Industrial Cooling Water Systems


Industrial Cooling Water Systems

The purpose of a cooling system is to remove heat from heat-producing equipment or processes. Water is the most common medium to transfer heat. ChemTreat field engineers are experts in industrial cooling, with extensive experience in a variety of applications.

industrial cooling system water treatment

Best-in-Class Chemical Treatment for Industrial Cooling Systems

Experience has taught us no two industrial cooling water systems are alike. Each system is impacted by the raw water source, air quality, flow rates, metallurgy, temperature, humidity, operating procedures, and a host of other factors. There is no one size fits all solution: the best water treatment programs are tailored to fit each system.

Our treatment programs start with an assessment of the process, water chemistry, cooling requirements, and metallurgy in your industrial cooling system. This allows us to determine whether there is a tendency to corrode, scale, foul, or a combination of the three. Our chemical programs are effectively used to reduce and prevent these issues in industrial cooling water systems.

ChemTreat expertly applies our products to keep your system running at peak efficiency, extend equipment life, reduce water usage, and protect the environment. We also offer state-of-the-art control and monitoring technology with DCS compatibility to increase reliability and decrease costs.

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Quadpolymer Solves Major Fouling Problem

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Why FlexPro® CL?

FlexPro® CL is a breakthrough innovation for complex systems in cooling water treatment
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