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Odor Control


Odor Control

Odor Control for wastewater

Are there odors in your water? Odors result from the presence of volatile organic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, that readily evaporate into the surrounding air. There are several industries where wastewater odor control is necessary, such as paper, refineries, natural gas separation and purification, industrial wastewater treatment, and animal and food processing. These odors can be reduced or eliminated by using operational, mechanical, or chemical treatment technologies, but severe odors often require a combination of several technologies.

Air Stripper Treatment

Air stripping is an affordable and reliable wastewater odor control solution where the contaminated water is exposed to a countercurrent flow of air in a packed tower. The air strips out the VOCs and is either discharged or treated. An important component of using air strippers for industrial odor control and pollution is pretreatment. For example, wastewaters with high levels of ammonia often require a pH adjustment prior to stripping to optimize performance. Additionally, the presence of iron, manganese, and bacteria in a water source will lead to scale and fouling within the air stripper, reducing the effectiveness of the system and other equipment. In some systems, calcium carbonate scale can also be a problem. ChemTreat offers assistance in reducing or eliminating air stripper fouling through the use of specialty chemicals, including iron and manganese stabilizers, scale inhibitors, and biocides.

Air strippers are also critical for health and safety as they can be used to remove hazardous air pollutants, such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene.

Sometimes waters that emit odors can be chemically treated without the use of an air stripper. ChemTreat provides a complete line of odor neutralizers, including hydrogen sulfide scavengers and absorbents to reduce or eliminate noxious odors regardless of the source.


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Odor Control


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