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ChemTreat’s Brad Beucker at EUCW!

ChemTreat’s Brad Beucker at EUCW!

ChemTreat’s Brad Beucker will be co-presenting a workshop and paper at the upcoming Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop. The topics he will be addressing are applicable to the present challenges facing the power industry.  

Event: Now in its 38th year, the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop focuses on the latest information on controlling corrosion, improving operation efficiency, and meeting environmental challenges in fossil- and nuclear-fueled power plants. This year’s conference is geared towards improved training and continuing education for personnel responsible for electric utility cycle and environmental chemistry.


ChemTreat Expert Takes Stage:



Pre-Workshop Seminar: The Basics of Air & Water Environmental Treatment Processes for Power Plants. 

Presented by Brad Buecker, ChemTreat and Michael Pudvay, Veolia. 

Tuesday, June 5; 8:00am – 12:00pm

Liquid emissions from power plants are coming under increased regulation. This seminar will focus on the emerging and continuously evolving liquid effluent emissions guidelines and will explore technologies to allow plant owners, operators, engineers, and chemists to meet these new requirements. Equipment selection, additions, or modifications may influence not only wastewater treatment, but other aspects of plant operation such as makeup and cooling water treatment. During the first half of the seminar, methods for converting grey water to usable industrial plant makeup will be discussed. The seminar will move into a wastewater discussion, with a focus on metals removal during the second half. This seminar is particularly applicable given the decline in fresh water availability for many new plants.


Paper Presentation: An Ounce of Prevention

Presented by Brad Buecker, ChemTreat and Dan Dixon, LES

Wednesday, June 6; 4:15pm

Many combined cycle power plants are being constructed and operated often without sufficient thought given to the design or operational features from a chemistry/water treatment standpoint. Typically, these plants are minimally staffed, with no personnel who have substantial water chemistry knowledge. This presentation will address the importance of the chemistry and water treatment component, and how reliability and performance of heat recovery steam generators (HRSG’s) could be greatly improved.


Brad Buecker is a senior technical publicist with ChemTreat. He has 35 years of experience in or affiliated with the power industry, much of it in steam generation chemistry, water treatment, air quality control, and results engineering positions with City Water, Light & Power (Springfield, IL) and Kansas City Power & Light Company’s La Cygne, Kansas station. He also spent two years as acting water/wastewater supervisor at a chemical plant. Most recently he was a technical specialist with Kiewit Engineering Group Inc. Buecker has a B.S. in chemistry from Iowa State University with additional course work in fluid mechanics, energy and materials balances, and advanced inorganic chemistry. He is a member of the ACS AICHE, ASME, NACE, the Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop planning committee, and the Power-Gen planning committee.


Hawthorn Suites
Champagne, IL

When: June 5-7, 2018

For more information visit: EUCW 2018





Check out Brad’s article featured in Energy-Tech Magazine:  “Keeping Your Cooling System Clean” where he discusses how cooling water systems are a critical component at power plants, but are often neglected until it fails and shuts down production.

Keep an eye out for his articles in Industrial WaterWorld and his presentation at RMEL Plant Management Conference. Details to come!








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