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ChemTreat’s Raymond Post on Conquering Cooling Water Treatment Challenges

ChemTreat’s Raymond Post on Conquering Cooling Water Treatment Challenges

Raymond M. Post, Director of Cooling Technologies at ChemTreat, and Brad Buecker have co-authored and published an article titled “Conquer Cooling Water Treatment Challenges” on

“Conquer Cooling Water Treatment Challenges”

Advances in technology can help forestall fouling, scaling, and corrosion in cooling systems

By Brad Buecker, Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc., and Raymond M. Post, ChemTreat

cooling water treatment technologyWith over 40k unique readers each month, is the source for thought leaders in the chemical community. The online publication provides insights to help global decision makers optimize their operations, reduce costs, improve equipment efficiency & reliability, automate processes, and better manage their assets, all while complying with regulations.

The article, “Conquer Cooling Water Treatment Challenges”, contends that cooling towers serve a crucial role at many chemical plants, but often receive only passing attention even though problems can lead to significant costs. However, because cooling technologies and programs have evolved significantly over the last decade, plants generally can take steps to effectively combat fouling, scaling, and corrosion.

Raymond Post and Brad Buecker will delve further into these topics as they teach a pre-workshop seminar of the 37th Annual Electric Utility Chemistry Workshop in Champaign, Ill., on June 6–8, 2017. For information about this event, go to:


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