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FlexPro® CL Technology Excels

FlexPro® CL Technology Excels

Sales of FlexPro® CL have surpassed 1M lbs.! Although still a new technology, ChemTreat has already fed over one million pounds of this breakthrough product line to customers ranging from Food & Beverage applications to Power and Steel.

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ChemTreat’s latest in cooling water treatment is specifically designed to work on a broad range of cooling systems. “All systems are prone to upsets, and the true measure of a treatment program is how it handles those conditions. As we’ve introduced FlexPro® CL to the market, I’ve seen multiple situations where an upset resulted in chemistry overfeeding or underfeeding for a period of time,” said Ray Post, the Director of Cooling Water Technology at ChemTreat. “Had it been a conventional treatment program, we would run the risk of fouling or corrosion. However, because FlexPro® CL is non-fouling even at high concentrations, it creates a corrosion-protective barrier when applied so we were able to deliver excellent results in the most difficult conditions.”

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Customers have been equally as pleased with the fact that FlexPro® CL’s non-phosphorus and non-zinc product characteristics also make it compliant with emerging environmental regulations.

With over 70 locations now experiencing improved performance in their cooling towers as a result of FlexPro® CL, it’s safe to say that this innovation is turning into a real success story for ChemTreat.

As the momentum continues to build around FlexPro® CL and its Reactive Coating Technology, ChemTreat is now applying these same treatment principles in the development of boiler treatment products. Check back here for updates!


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