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High Pressure Boilers

High Pressure Boilers

Presentation on High Pressure Boiler Best Practices will be given at SYNGAS 2014 conference by Luis Carvalho, Principal Engineer at ChemTreat

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High Pressure Steam Generating Systems


Luis Carvalho, ChemTreat

About the Presenter:

blue manLuis Carvalho is a licensed Professional Engineer with ChemTreat from Ontario, Canada. He has more than 30-years of experience in production, process development, and various other technical management positions in the industry. Luis has had numerous technical papers published and has been a presenter at many international conferences. He was the recipient of the Paul Cohen Award at the 68th Annual International Water Conference (2006).


The Syngas industry makes extensive use of high-pressure steam generating systems. It is widely recognized in industry that many of these sophisticated boiler plants run below the desired efficiency due to undesirable steam plant water treatment practices, and that the latter are often directly linked to unscheduled shutdowns and unnecessary production losses.

Although coordinated pH/phosphate control has been the traditional boiler chemical treatment of choice for 50+ years, it is very frequently misunderstood and misapplied, directly affecting the reliability of the plant. Furthermore, today’s owner/operator is exposed to (and often overwhelmed) by a vexing myriad of more complex boiler chemical treatment options, most of which neither provide the desired protection to the boiler nor to the associated steam systems, such as turbines, superheaters and other parts of the plant.

Luis, in his 30+ years of industrial water treatment technology experience, has seen a gradual increase in the number of high-pressure boiler plants worldwide that experience failures directly affecting plant reliability. Another very significant concern is the shortage in the boiler water treatment industry of experienced “water doctors”, with an imminent risk in the transfer of expertise to plant owners/operators in this highly technical field of expertise.

This presentation aims to cover, in a basic yet instructive manner, all the relevant boiler/steam plant chemical treatment options available to today’s Syngas plant operator/engineer, and explain the risks involved with all of the choices. It also covers other factors that are critical to a well-run high-pressure boiler operation – such as relevant data collection & management, and chemical feed & control. The presentation is timely aimed at both the experienced plant engineer/operator of high-pressure boiler plant as well as the younger generation of operating personnel.

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