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Automotive Industry

ChemTreat is a prominent and growing supplier to the automotive industry, supplying the Big 3, many international manufacturers, and a substantial number of parts manufacturers. These customers cover all aspects of the automotive manufacturing process: assembly, engine, transmission, chassis, and stamping. We provide chemical formulations to control corrosion, scale, and fouling in your water utility system, as well as process chemistries specific to the automotive industry.

The increasingly competitive automotive industry requires that suppliers find new and innovative ways to reduce expenditures and operating costs, as well as opperate environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment programs. With the most experienced field sales force in the industry, ChemTreat is a leader in helping you find creative ways to achieve these goals, including: water reuse, reduction of water consumption and discharge, improved waste treatment, and minimization of fuel and electrical costs.

Applications Specific to Automotive

  • Raw Water Treatment: water demineralization is critical to the automotive industry, removing ions that would otherwise generate scale: sodium, calcium, iron, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, and many others.
  • Process Additives: Process Additives: Weld water systems; Cooling systems; Injection molding.
  • Effluent Water Treatment: paint detackification programs to separate paint overspray using chemicals and flocculants to settle the solids and dewater them; demuslification programs to separate emulsions (oil, coolants, metalworking fluids) from the wastewater including phelo-formaldehyde resins, polyamines, di-epoxides, and polyols; metal scavengers to precipitate heavy metals from effluent

ChemTreat also has expertise with the following areas: