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Chemical Industry

ChemTreat is a leading supplier of water management products and services to the chemical industry. Our programs encompass the entire spectrum of industry applications, including pretreatment and wastewater treatment solutions, cooling water, boiler water, process additives, water reuse programs, and specialty systems such as calcium chloride and glycol processes.

ChemTreat is able to deliver optimum results, even for the most demanding chemical process systems with many of our larger plants benefiting from an on-site ChemTreat office, there to provide dedicated services and full-time technical support.

Two of ChemTreat’s most recent patents involve products and analytical measurement devices developed as a result of chemical industry applications for high-stress systems with the chemical industry growing to one of our largest single industry segments.

Applications Specific to the Chemical Industry

  • Raw Water Treatment: full range of NSF and Kosher approved treatment products and expertise with clarification, decarbonation, demineralization, filtration, membrane bioreactors, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, water softeners, etc.
  • Boiler Water Treatment: advanced polymer technology to prevent fouling in high temperature boilers; FDA-approved treatment, including non-amine filming technology and custom engineered products.
  • Cooling Water Treatment: aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions for microbiological control that won’t react with nitrogen and ammonia.

ChemTreat also has expertise with the following areas: