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Data Centers


Data Centers

Data centers require reliable water treatment that provides for heat-sensitive equipment and critical data. With the most experienced water treatment experts in the industry and innovative technology, ChemTreat provides water treatment for data centers ensuring asset protection, equipment life extension, and operating efficiently with minimal down time.

data centers

Optimal cooling controls in mission critical facilities

Sustainability is critical. Federal government data calculates as much as 40% of a data center’s energy is used in its cooling equipment; therefore making it mission critical to ensure cooling systems operate at their maximum potential. Using proper water treatment and application while implementing best practices and standards is critical for the maximum protection and efficiency of the HVAC systems.

data center 2ChemTreat’s cooling water treatment programs are designed for both small and large data centers. Treatment to reduce scale and control corrosion means your HVAC systems will perform at optimal levels – reducing energy costs and allowing personnel to handle more critical maintenance functions. Additionally, ChemTreat’s technical support and audit survey teams support our data center customers by surveying their facility to find sustainable solutions to reduce overall energy consumption.

Green water treatment programs help our customers reduce chemical usage and inventory while investigating alternative water sources like reclaimed water, secondary condensate, zero discharge, and extend cycles. Green programs like our Smart Release® Technology use diffusion-based technology, which makes it efficient and lowers your environmental footprint, since it incorporates a non-liquid safe chemical water treatment process.

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Significant Savings for University/Hospital

Improved design and management bring serious savings to a major campus.
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Water Treatment Solutions

CTVista® is the dynamic way to control your water.
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Cooling Water Systems

Closed Loop Cooling Systems


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