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Government Buildings


Government Buildings

Sustainable water treatment programs help ChemTreat’s government customers control costs, while maintaining optimum system performance. Our experienced teams focus on critical factors such as increasing operational efficiency, achieving high levels of return-on-investment, minimizing maintenance expenses, and extending the life of capital assets while ensuring programs are safe for operators and employees.


Bringing critical controls and ease of operations to government facilities

ChemTreat’s best practices and solutions support all types of government locations. Veteran Administrative Hospitals utilize our hospital water treatment programs. Military installation water treatment programs help control costs and ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals that work around water treatment systems. Government data center water treatment programs protect critical systems and promote zero defects and failures.

government 2ChemTreat’s superior cooling and boiler water technology protects your assets. Our industry-leading technology prevents scale, corrosion, and microbiological growth while allowing maximum usage of all water. ChemTreat Solutions® provide advanced integrated water management solutions and control systems that combine our experienced field representative with a 24/7, secure web-based platform.

For greener solutions, ChemTreat offers Smart Release® technology for a simpler and safer water treatment method to provide scale and corrosion control and biofouling protection for cooling and heat transfer equipment. Smart Release® is eco-friendly and an excellent fit for cooling systems that are physically difficult to access.

Case History | Improve System Design
Significant Savings for University/Hospital

Improved system design and management bring serious savings to a major university & hospital campus.
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Brochure | Monitoring & Control
Water Treatment Solutions

CTVista® is the dynamic way to control your water.
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Government Building CAPABILITIES

Closed Loop Cooling Systems

Boiler Systems

Water Reuse


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