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Food & Beverage


Food & Beverage

The rapid growth of megastores and an increasing trend toward bulk purchasing contracts are exerting a downward force on packaged food profit margins. In the face of these challenges, plants must figure out how to increase production volumes while decreasing operating costs. ChemTreat has the solutions to help.


Protecting the Quality of Your Brand

ChemTreat’s partnership contract approach with client plants in their boiler, cooling, and wastewater treatment areas enables us to help reduce production costs in areas previously thought to be outside the water treatment domain including processing less expensive cans, solving problems associated with increased line speeds, and fixing sterilizer maintenance issues.

foodbev 2With increasing plant regulatory responsibility, plant management must undertake stricter measures to document compliance. ChemTreat strives to stay abreast of government agency changes helping plants avoid expensive audit failures. With increased concerns for the customer’s brand (shelf experience), it is increasingly important to meet and exceed expectations regarding the look of each and every package. Blemishes, rust, and flaws are serious concerns and ChemTreat leads the water treatment field with programs to maximize container appearance.

Water used to be one of the most inexpensive commodities, but it is becoming more common to see cost inflation in water use and discharge. Water may be the most important and highly-used necessity in any food processing plant. With today’s aggressive environmental regulatory changes, the cost of water has become a major concern. This is often related to the discharge rather than just the cost of bringing water into the plant, which is why ChemTreat has developed a full line of water treatment polymers for the coagulation and flocculation to meet your effluent treatment requirements.

ChemTreat has been instrumental in helping food processing facilities across the country reduce water consumption through specific process changes and improvements.

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Industry Brochure | Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage Industry

Learn how our customized programs help you solve quality and environmental challenges.
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Case History | Wastewater Quat Problem
Quat Problem Resolved by ChemTreat’s QuatKill™

Prominent packaged foods company’s wastewater quat problem resolved by ChemTreat’s QuatKill™ test kit & QK1000 Solution.
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Brochure | Can & Cooker Treatment
Can & Cooker Treatment Technology

Helping food processing plants improve quality and efficiency as well as meet increasingly stringent regulatory standards.
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