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ChemTreat provides a team of dedicated professionals for our brewing customers. These engineers understand the unique challenges in the industry, including the high-quality standards demanded in the brewing, packaging, and utility areas.


Ensuring our Customers are always Brewing the Best

Our brewing industry solutions include specialty chemicals to prevent corrosion, fouling, and scale in boilers and cooling towers, process chemistries used in pasteurization and other applications, and customized programs for influent and effluent treatment, including advanced wastewater reuse programs.

beerChemTreat is the leading supplier of water treatment programs and consulting services to the brewing industry in the United States. We also have extensive coverage in the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, and Canada. ChemTreat is proud to be an active participant in the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (M.B.A.A.) for over 30 years. Our experienced industry specialists have presented numerous papers at the international conventions relating to all aspects of water treatment in the brewing industry.

Case History | Wastewater Quat Problem
Quat Problem Resolved By ChemTreat’s QuatKill™

Prominent packaged foods company’s wastewater quat problem resolved by ChemTreat’s QuatKill™ test kit & QK1000 Solution.
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Brochure | Conveyor Applications
Conveyor Lubricant Solutions

ChemTreat combines superior service and exceptional products to provide the complete solution to your conveyor lubricant needs.
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Water Pretreatment

Boiler Systems

Cooling Water Systems


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