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The electronics industry can be divided into manufacturing segments for communication devices, computing equipment, semi-conductor chips, printed circuit boards, microelectronic components, copiers, printers, fax, and other peripheral equipment.


Quality Treatment for Electronics Manufacturing

Communications hardware includes audio/visual equipment, compact discs, radio, television, and telephones. Some related peripheral components consist of electrical supplies and electronic engine/automotive components. The majority of the water treatment requirements for these manufacturing segments is related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. ChemTreat has expertise in treating the associated HVAC process systems that support these critical manufacturing processes.

electronic 2The microelectronic industry’s water treatment systems consist of HVAC, along with high-purity rinse water, process cooling and heating water, clean steam generation, scrubber water, various process closed loops, wastewater, and water reuse systems.

Using ChemTreat’s complete product line and service expertise, the problems and downtime associated with the following types of equipment/processes can be minimized or eliminated through softening, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, demineralization, EDS, activated carbon filtration, cooling towers, boilers, chillers, process closed loops, scrubbers, waste treatment, and metal removal.

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Zero-P Discharge Solution

ChemTreat provides Zero-P discharge solution for agricultural & industrial components manufacturer.
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