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Whether it’s cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers, ChemTreat is a leading provider of industrial water treatment solutions for the textile industry. We provide a complete line of chemistries for boiler and cooling applications engineered to extend equipment life, protect the environment, reduce energy and water costs, and decrease maintenance.


Critical Temperature & Humidity Control for Textile Production

Our water management programs are for critical chilled water and air washer systems that provide temperature and humidity control for conditioned air spaces in manufacturing facilities. These programs provide optimum control of corrosion and deposits within air washer internals, mist eliminators, and chiller evaporator surfaces. These programs also provide adjustment of supply air electrostatic charge where deemed necessary.

Increasing demand for compressed air within these facilities has rendered compressor cooling water systems among the plants’ most critical areas. ChemTreat has worked with the manufacturers of air compressors to develop effective treatment approaches to ensure the reliability and efficiency of this equipment.

textile 2We also have a comprehensive group of wastewater treatment technologies specifically engineered for the textile industry. There are several industry-specific contaminants in textile wastewaters, including dyes, chemicals, colors, fats, and oil. Our field engineers will customize a reliable solution that fits both your budget and specific discharge requirements.

The textile industry is currently facing severe pressure to reduce color in wastewater from dye and other finished operations. ChemTreat continues to develop innovative chemical and mechanical solutions to this problematic situation. In some cases, 100 percent recycle of wastewater has been achieved, allowing redeployment of engineering resources to production areas.

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Water Treatment Solutions

CTVista+® is the dynamic way to control your water.
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Zero-P Discharge Solution

ChemTreat provides Zero-P discharge solution for agricultural & industrial components manufacturer.
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