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Refining crude oil reliably and efficiently, with minimal environmental impact, is the hallmark of the modern refinery. Expansions and upgrades mean critical water systems are often stretched beyond their original design.

Oil & Gas

Conserving Your Critical Water Resources

ChemTreat’s experienced field engineers understand the complexities of refinery operations. We know that using our leading edge feed and control equipment to apply our unique product technologies ensures reliable refinery operation. Best-in-class technical excellence in wastewater treatment drives towards environmental compliance in this critical operation.

As one of the world’s largest providers of water treatment products and services, ChemTreat is strategically positioned to meet the current and future needs of the hydrocarbon processing industry. ChemTreat is staffed to provide coverage to most major refining customers.

refining 2Technical excellence in influent and refinery wastewater treatment programs ensures compliance and demonstrates our commitment to the environment. Our R&D group creates new technologies for refinery process applications, hydraulic fracturing, and Oil Sands operations.

Our relationship with your business is founded on a highly-experienced sales force supported by an industry-leading ratio of corporate consultants to engineers. This efficient organizational structure ensures consistently competitive pricing and minimal bureaucracy to promote rapid and flexible decision-making.

Brochure | Hydrocarbon & Chemical Processing
Hydrocarbon & Chemical Processing

Refiners and chemical producers strive to increase asset availability.
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Case History | Quadrasperse Technology
Quadrasperse® Provides Green Solution

Quadpolymer provides green solution by utilizing wastewater effluent for cooling tower makeup.
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Boiler Systems

Cooling Water Systems



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ChemTreat also manages programs and provides unique solutions for Oil Sands operations, including programs for standard and high-pressure boilers required for SAGD. Contact Us today if you’re looking to optimize the efficiency of a SAGD system.

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Developing a Water Management Plan

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