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Disposal Wells

Disposal Wells

Strategically positioned to meet the current and future needs of the Disposal Well Industry

As one of the world’s largest specialty chemical providers, ChemTreat’s customized solutions address the challenges faced for owners of these water disposal assets.  Our customized product lines covers the entire spectrum of challenges for disposal well operators including increasing oil skim, H2S scavengers, biocides, scale, and corrosion inhibitors and other specialty chemicals.

ChemTreat’s expertise and understanding of the variability of produced and flowback waters that enter these facilities insures the lowest costs applications that help our disposal well customers protect their assets, lower their operational costs, increase their profits through increased oil skim, and lower injection rate pressures while allowing for a higher throughput of water at regulated pressures.

Critical Systems Need Expert Care

The disposal well industry is a key component to the oil and gas industry and serves a critical need to manage and process the industries waste water.  The volumes of produced and flowback waters that require deep well disposal is under scrutiny but remains a critical need in every basin.  As regulation and competition increases, disposal well owners and operators require expertise to solve their unique challenges that allow them to reduce costs and increase profit while protecting their assets.

Benefits of TSS and Scale Removal

Learn how ChemTreat can help protect your assets, lower operational costs, and increase profits

Oil Skim

ChemTreat experts can help evaluate the levels of valuable hydrocarbons entrapped in the waters that are going downhole and allow customer to increase their slop oil sales through the correct application of chemistry for those customers that have valuable oil skim in their waters.

Injection Pressures and Seismic Concerns

Many operators will acidize their wells frequently and limit their downhole injection rates based on pressure. ChemTreat’s custom formulations help operators minimize or eliminate acid cleanings of the wells which protect their asset, while increasing their volumes of water injected at regulated pressures. This results in more revenue for the disposal well owner and increased service for their customers by minimizing wait times and ensuring deliveries are not turned away. In addition, a decrease in electrical costs on their pumping systems and filter maintenance program helps improve our customer’s bottom line.

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