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Oil Sands

Oil Sands

Oil Sands producers are constantly striving to optimize production while maintaining the highest levels of quality and compliance. ChemTreat’s process and water management strategies improve the efficiency of plant operations, protect employees and the environment, and ultimately make our customers more competitive.

Inlet Separation Technology (Demulsification)

  • Rapid Phase Separation
  • Diluent Reduction
  • Improved Sales Oil Dehydration
  • Oil in Water Reduction

Produced Water Treatment

  • Produced Water Exchanger Fouling Control – Reduced Cleaning Frequency
  • Improved De-oiling – Oil in Water Reduction
  • Optimized IGF Operation – Reduced Downstream Oil Contamination
  • Enhanced WLS/HLS Performance – Less Maintenance / Improved Reliability

Conventional Treatment

  • Improved Warm Lime Softening / Hot Lime Softening Clarification
  • OTSG Scale Control – Extended Period Between Cleaning Cycles
  • Maximized OTSG Blowdown Recycle

Evaporator Treatment

  • Optimization of Antifoam Programs with Low to No Silica Chemistry
  • Evaporator Scale Control – Improved Heat Transfer & Decreased Cleaning Frequency
  • Increased Solids Loading – Reduced Evaporator Wastage
  • Optimization of Water Usage Through Recycle/Reuse and Reduction Strategies
  • Control of Scale & Corrosion in Steam Boilers – Maximize On-stream Time

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