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Phosphorus Free Cooling

Phosphorus Free Cooling

ChemTreat presented a key white paper on Phosphorus Free Cooling Water Technology at the Cooling Technology Institute Winter meeting on February 3, 2014.

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Development and Application of Phosphorus Free Cooling Water Technology


Raymond M. Post, ChemTreat
Richard Tribble, ChemTreat
Prasad Kalakodimi, ChemTreat

White Paper: Cooling Water Technology
Phosphorus Free Cooling Technology

Development and Application of Phosphorus Free Cooling Water Technology
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Phosphate based corrosion and scale inhibitor programs emerged as the cooling water treatment technology of choice when the industry was strongly encouraged to eliminate chromates around 35 years ago. At that time, ChemTreat was certainly aware of the many troublesome issues associated with phosphorus based programs: the precise control required to prevent phosphate deposits on hot bundles, inadequate admiralty brass corrosion using only azoles, escalating dispersant demand due to phosphate precipitation with well water iron and aluminum carryover, and excessive algae growth on the towers and the associated chlorine demand. Since there was a general awareness of impending phosphorus regulations, ChemTreat continued to perfect phosphorus-based cooling water programs because there simply was no reasonable alternative ….until now. This paper describes the development of a promising phosphorus free corrosion and deposit control program, including laboratory and field application performance data from several challenging applications.

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