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ChemTreat’s TITAN360™ is a ground-breaking, all-in-one boiler chemical product designed to protect your critical assets throughout the entire cycle of steam generation.

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Traditional boiler treatment requires the dosage and monitoring of multiple separate products: a dispersant, oxygen scavenger, and neutralizing amine. Treating a boiler in this manner presents a host of challenges, including:

    • Storage and dosing equipment, inventory management,
      and time associated with on-site mixing or diluting of products
    • Interaction with large volumes of multiple chemicals
      and management of costly effluent discharge containing phosphates
    • Higher water usage to offset the high conductivity
      contribution of traditional inorganic treatments


TITAN360™ is an all-in-one mixture of neutralizing amines, an organic corrosion inhibitor, and a dispersant, effectively treating the water-steam cycle without multiple chemical feed points. With a simple test kit, applying TITAN360™ provides peace of mind that the proper treatment level is maintained. TITAN360™ is a safe, low toxicity, easy-to-apply alternative to the traditional multi-chemical boiler treatment program.

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Brochure | TITAN360™
Why TITAN360™?

TITAN360™ is an all-in-one solution for complex systems in boiler water treatment.
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Case History | TITAN360™ Solutions

TITAN360™ provides phosphate-free boiler treatment.
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