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Engineering Services & Support


Engineering Services & Support

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To ensure maximum system protection and reliability, ChemTreat provides individual product and service selection based on system engineering specifications and performance requirements.

Products & Services

Our custom solution programs are designed by your dedicated water treatment system team working throughout North and South America to maximize industrial water reuse and customer savings.

With an average of over 25 years of experience behind our field sales engineers and almost 30 years for our corporate technical support staff, we can implement efficient water treatment services throughout your plant. It’s more than just a control or a sensor; it’s about a total solution that comes from knowing your industry and how we can positively impact your operation on a daily basis.

To create a more sustainable industrial wastewater reuse and treatment process, each and every project we look at is designed with critical customer needs and requirements in mind. Our local field personnel work tirelessly to ensure these programs are saving customers’ money, improving operating efficiency, extending asset life, and reducing plant downtime – all while ensuring the safety of the environment and those involved.

ChemTreat field engineers take great pride in their customers’ success. We believe our experienced field sales are the most knowledgeable and performance-driven team you can work with in the area of process water treatment.

engineering solutions

engineering gears

Efforts Unique to Your Operation

  • Specialty on-site pilot program testing
  • Comprehensive surveys and flow diagrams
  • Trend, graphical, and cost analyses
  • Toxicity and pollution compliance assistance
  • Water testing equipment and chemicals
  • Pilot cooling tower and research boiler studies
  • Retort cooker and pasteurizer evaluations
  • Microbiological studies
  • Fully-equipped analytical lab capabilities with routine three-day turnaround
  • Mineral mass balance calculations
  • Bar-coded product distribution
operator training
Operator Training

ChemTreat also offers complete operator training capabilities. Our field engineers can ensure your staff personnel are fully trained in the operation and management of any of our solutions or systems.

Contact us today to reach a local field engineer and learn more about our engineering services.

Case History | Reduce Downtime
Carryover Control

ChemTreat solves deposit control issues in ethonal plant steam control valves.
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Case History | Boiler Feed System
Automated Feed Systems

Managing variances in cycle and phosphate control, conductivity, and ‘P’ alkalinity.
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Brochure | Monitoring & Control
ChemTreat Solutions®

An integrated package of controls, communication devices, and sensors.
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