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Environmental Solutions


Environmental Solutions

Our field engineers know the ins-and-outs of mechanical, operational, and chemical improvements that yield meaningful results, while also providing you with opportunities for LEED certification points.

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Environmental protection is at the core of what we do at ChemTreat. From technologies that improve the operating efficiency of industrial equipment to water reuse and minimization programs, we’re constantly working to find new ways to incorporate green water treatment programs at our customer’s facilities.

Water Conservation and Reuse

Water reduction both improves your green water treatment footprint and reduces fresh water and sewer costs.

  • With ChemTreat’s patented Quadrasperse® technology, cooling tower cycles of concentration can be extended, often by a factor of 2. This results in reduced blowdown in your system, preventing both discharge and water consumption.
  • ChemTreat field engineers have experience with reusing rinse waters, blowdown, industrial wastewater, and tertiary effluent from municipal sources.

Energy Conservation

Energy can be conserved through scale and fouling reduction in heat transfer devices. Condenser scale increases the system heat pressure, requiring additional energy to operate. Fouling in evaporators reduces the refrigerant pressure and temperature, requiring your compressor to pump more gas into the system for the same heat transfer rates. Microbiological growth in cooling towers raises the temperature of water exiting your cooling tower, decreasing the efficiency of the system.

Waste Reduction

At ChemTreat, we have numerous solutions to reduce wastewater discharge and help you stay on top of NPDES and local regulations:

  • Zero liquid discharge expertise
  • Water reuse solutions, including a full suite of products for reverse osmosis systems
  • A full line of wastewater treatment products for solids removal, emulsion breaking, metals precipitation, paint detackification, defoaming, and a host of other solutions
  • Advanced technologies like phosphorous-free cooling water products

Asset Protection

Our integrated water control technologies allow operators to react instantaneously to changes in their water treatment system, preventing corrosion, scale, and fouling. As a result, your equipment runs at 100% efficiency and for its full expected life, eliminating the need for costly and environmentally-harmful replacements.

Brochure | FlexPro® CL
Why FlexPro® CL?

FlexPro® CL is a breakthrough innovation for complex systems in cooling water treatment.
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Case History | “Greener” Treatment Solution
Zero-P Discharge

ChemTreat Phos-Free provides solutions for midwest manufacturers.
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Case History | Quadrasperse® Technology
Green Solution

Quadpolymer provides green solution by utilizing wastewater effluent.
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