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Environmental Policy


Environmental Policy

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ChemTreat strives to reduce environmental risks and increase environmental benefits associated with the use of water in industrial processes.

ChemTreat’s Green Standard

Our company values specify that all processes involving our products and practices will be undertaken with a concern for the environment; therefore, we:

  • Have established an Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure proper care for all chemicals used in the production and distribution of our products
  • Develop new technologies with an emphasis on environmental protection
  • Customize treatment programs to optimize performance

ChemTreat realizes our business involves the acquisition, manipulation, transportation, and storage of chemicals which, if not properly controlled, introduce increased risks to health, safety, and the environment. Accordingly, we have established systematic processes to evaluate potential risks, developed procedures to manage those risks on a priority basis, and consistently review and update our programs as conditions or capabilities change. This includes a commitment to prevent pollution and comply with all applicable legal and other requirements, thereby, enabling our customers to meet NPDES permit requirements.

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ChemTreat strives to continually evaluate new products and technologies that will provide better solutions to our clients’ water treatment needs. With a state-of-the-art water treatment laboratory, staffed with PhD research personnel, we initiate new approaches and innovation at the leading edge of our industry including an emphasis on these critical areas of concern with direct environmental implications:

  • Energy conservation
  • Water reclamation, reuse, and zero liquid discharge
  • Overall water quality and water discharge permit compliance
  • Environmental fate of treatment chemicals
  • Health and safety

Industrial water treatment, by its very nature, benefits the environment. Therefore, ChemTreat does more than just maintain environmental regulatory compliance and prevent pollution where possible. Additionally, we assist our customers in achieving their own objectives to minimize adverse environmental impacts from their processes through employment of optimally effective water treatment programs. ChemTreat works in partnership with our customers to produce the most efficient water and energy management systems to optimize process effectiveness and conserve resources such as natural waters, fuel, and materials of construction.

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