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Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers


Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers

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In the oil and gas industry, removal of hydrogen sulfide H2S from waters used for utility systems makeup is required for the protection of assets and the safety of employees.

H2S Scavengers

H2S removal is also required when the presence of bacteria and organic matter result in the generation of this noxious gas. H2S is a health and safety hazard. The gas is irritating, can cause trouble breathing, and can be fatal at certain concentrations. The presence of H2S can also reduce overall system efficiency and operational reliability as the gas is a corrosive and can lead to iron sulfide fouling.

ChemTreat has a range of hydrogen sulfide scavenger technologies for your particular system problem. We also have experience implementing and servicing critical H2S control programs, whereby an equipment process is installed and is complemented by H2S scavengers.

Our portfolio of H2S and mercaptan scavengers includes amine and triazine-based products, as well as non-amine-based materials. Included are odor neutralizers, amine absorbents, masking agents, and oxidants. For severe situations where mechanical separation is required, ChemTreat has extensive experience servicing industrial air strippers.


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