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New Product Development


New Product Development

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New product development is a key factor in the ChemTreat success story. Our research and development group is composed of some of the most innovative and focused minds in water treatment product development, leading to the creation of 1,200 proprietary product formulations.

Developing for the Future

Our proprietary product formulations are carefully selected and incorporated into your plant or operation by our field engineers, who have the most experience providing water treatment service in the industry.

A critical component in our new product development process is the feedback we receive from our customers. We encourage our field engineers to remain in their territory for the duration of their career, which leads to deep, long-term relationships with our customers. Through these relationships, we receive the very best feedback from the field regarding operational performance and the latest operating requirements, allowing us to create even better solutions.

Latest New Solutions


TITAN360™ is an all-in-one mixture of neutralizing amines, an organic corrosion inhibitor and a dispersant, effectively treating the water-steam cycle without multiple chemical feed points. With a simple test kit, applying TITAN360™ provides peace of mind that the proper treatment level is maintained. TITAN360™ is a safe, low toxicity, easy-to-apply alternative to the traditional multi-chemical boiler treatment program.

Brochure | TITAN360™
Why TITAN360™?

TITAN360™ is an all-in-one solution for complex systems in boiler water treatment.
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FlexPro® CL

Innovative NEW “green treatment”, FlexPro® CL is a breakthrough innovation in cooling water treatment specifically designed to work on a broad range of cooling systems. This truly green solution supports emerging regulations while outperforming other cooling water chemistries.

Brochure | FlexPro® CL
Why FlexPro® CL?

FlexPro® CL is a breakthrough innovation for complex systems in cooling water treatment.
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ChemTreat’s new QuatKill™ is an innovative colorimetric test kit that measures free quat concentration in wastewater treatment systems, delivering fast results over a wide concentration range. QuatKill™ provides a method to quickly and accurately measure quat concentrations, and when used with QK1000, provides a solution to neutralize quaternary ammonium compounds.

Brochure | QuatKill™
Quat Measurement & Neutralization

QuatKill™ provides a method to quickly and accurately measure quat concentrations.
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Quadrasperse® is ChemTreat’s revolutionary quadpolymer technology. Quadrasperse® programs provide superior deposit control for calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate, and iron. The Quadrasperse® quadpolymer is thermally and hydrolytically-stable, making Quadrasperse® the technology of choice for high-stress and high-cycle cooling water applications.

Case History | Quadrasperse® Technology
Quadpolymer Provides Green Solution

Quadpolymer provides green solution by utilizing wastewater for cooling.
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