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Quadrasperse® Polymer Technology


Quadrasperse® Polymer Technology

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ChemTreat has developed treatment technology for those systems that have the highest degree of heat flux on critical heat exchangers, persistent calcium phosphate fouling potential, long residence times, or high pH, hardness, and alkalinity conditions.


ChemTreat’s Advanced Technology

ChemTreat’s Quadrasperse® products provide adequate dispersion under even the most severe categories of cooling water systems, including:

  • Non-alkaline systems with phosphate inhibitor requirement
  • Alkaline phosphate inhibitor programs
  • All-organic treatment programs

The quadpolymer technology will keep solids in solution and prevent problems associated with deposition, including loss of efficiency and corrosion.

  • Patented technology for multifunctional performance
  • Superior results over conventional terpolymer dispersants
  • Detectable polymer residuals can be measured & controlled
  • Unparalleled high temperature and high stress performance

This technology improves the cycles of concentration of boiler and cooling systems, resulting in raw water and sewer savings, chemical savings, and operational savings from reduced maintenance and extended equipment life.


Case History | Quadrasperse® Technology
Quadpolymer Solves Major Fouling Problem

ChemTreat turns things around in a large, open recirculating cooling system.
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Brochure | Top 10 Reasons
Reasons for Smart Release®

The difference is in how polymer coating controls the dissolution of actives.
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Case History | Recycling with Quadrasperse®
Quadrasperse® Provides Green Solution

Quadpolymer provides green solutions by utilizing wastewater effluent for cooling tower makeup.
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