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Water Monitoring and Control Technologies


Water Monitoring and Control Technologies

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ChemTreat’s complete line of water technology and monitoring systems allows our customers to have complete access for analyzing and managing their water treatment system with ease and efficiency. ChemTreat Solutions® is our very own line of integrated water management technology.

Water technology to help you monitor, calculate, and control

The first piece of ChemTreat Solutions® is the controller that collects data from up to 100 sensors in your water treatment system, including conductivity, pH, ORP, corrosion, chlorine, and many other parameters. This data is then analyzed to determine if any water quality parameters are out of specification. Depending on pre-set parameters and user settings, operators can rely on ChemTreat Solutions® water monitors to automatically adjust chemical feed rates to ensure proper dosage. Operators and field engineers also have the ability to input their samples into the system to validate the results.

Users can then access their data either directly from the control panel or from a wide range of easy-to-access reports, allowing your staff to keep sensitive information in-house. If you’d like increased visibility into your water treatment system, operators can install our CTVista+® open platform, web-based application. This software allows users to access information from their ChemTreat Solutions® controller from virtually anywhere. Users can view reports, system history, inventory levels, alarms and notifications, and system trends from a tablet, smart phone, PC, or control room, 24/7.

water monitor technology
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Advanced Water Management

The combination of these technologies provides users with an integrated water control system. Some benefits include protection of assets and a reduction in water and energy consumption by allowing operators to react immediately to any changes in their system. Historically, our customers have experienced enhanced heat transfer efficiency and less plant downtime. Additional benefits include optimized recovery/reuse programs, increased control over environmental compliance, and document recovery ROI.

With over a hundred-plus choices in sensors and analysis options, your water process is tracked and detailed, with reports generated via a tiered system of communication modules.

Brochure | ChemTreat Solutions
ChemTreat Solutions® Control Systems

ChemTreat Solutions is an integrated package of controls, communication devices, and sensors.
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Brochure | CTControl
CTControl platform

Use CTControl to monitor your systems with its multiple sensors and advanced technologies.
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Brochure | CTVista+®
Water Treatment Solutions

CTVista+® is the dynamic way to control your water with valuable usage reports available in real time, 24/7.
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