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ChemTreat Solutions®


ChemTreat Solutions®

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ChemTreat Solutions® is an advanced management solutions and control system that combines our experienced field representatives with a 24/7, secure web-based platform.

CTSolutions-new versionsBy collecting, documenting, and integrating information into a single water resource data system, you have the ability to make better decisions in your green/sustainability/water saving programs, while improving the life and performance of your boiler and cooling equipment. Furthermore, ChemTreat’s chemical feed systems have demonstrated improved savings in areas like water, chemical, energy, and maintenance.

From your tablet, phone, PC or DCS, you’ll see how your system is operating, so plant personnel and managers can check on performance anytime, anywhere. The data can be accessed securely from virtually anywhere to closely monitor overall system performance, pinpoint and correct system inefficiencies, improve manpower utilization, reduce total operating costs, monitor system-wide or local performance, and create vital reports.

For added confidence along with our new controller/panels and integrated CTVista+® system, your experienced ChemTreat field sales team is on the job 24/7.

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ChemTreat Solutions® Control Systems

ChemTreat Solutions® is an integrated package of controls, communication devices, and sensors that can be specified with a wide range of capabilities.
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More Than Monitoring

More than just a monitoring system, it’s an integrated water system. ChemTreat Solutions® is a real-time manager, designed to reduce water use and maximize operating efficiencies and resources within your plant or multi-site operation. It brings a full range of sensors and inputs for:

  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • ORP
  • Fluorescence sensors
  • Corrosion
  • Free or total chlorine
  • Actives-based analyzers
  • Water meters
  • Analog and dry contact inputs

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