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You have access to the parameters you’ve established for your water management systems via tablet, smart phone or PC. CTVista+® tracks and records real-time data transmitted 24/7 from CT Solutions® controllers or from local data entered manually by field personnel.

Web-based water management

This water management software tabulates the information in easy-to-follow graphs, charts, and reports that can be made available to anyone at your company as long as personnel have the correct login access codes.

Management Use Reports/Trends, service histories, KPIs, inventory levels, and alerts of out-of-range operations are available in real time, 24/7. This makes CTVista+® not just a monitoring service, but an intelligent water management software system ready to collect and react to critical water treatment operations.

  • Brings added system confidence and peace of mind since ChemTreat field support is on the job 24/7.
  • Provides more efficient use and control of process chemicals.
  • Enables reductions and added control of water use, and delivers detailed reports for evaluation.
  • Lets authorized personnel log on and input data in a secure environment, quickly creating accurate reports in this dynamic water management software platform.


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Water Treatment Solutions

CTVista+® is the dynamic way to control your water.
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CTVista+ water management

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