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Smart Release® Technology


Smart Release® Technology

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Smart Release® technology is a simpler and safer water treatment method to deliver scale, corrosion, and biocide protection for cooling towers and other water system applications.

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Engineered Green

Smart Release is the “green way” to inhibit scale, corrosion, and microbial growth. As an alternative to liquid water treatment chemicals, Smart Release®, a non-liquid water treatment chemical, uses diffusion-based coating and membrane technology that is lightweight and eco-friendly. This chemical feed method allows the active chemistry to be released at a steady, controlled rate, eliminating the need for any mechanical pumping.

The Smart Release® tablet is precisely engineered with a coating that ensures the active ingredient diffuses at a specific, controllable rate. Smart Release technology improves safety because there are no large chemical containers to handle. Feeder installation is simple, connecting directly to the system’s makeup line or recirculating system water. Since there is no pump, there are zero failures, loss of prime, or worries about power outages to disrupt your operation.

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Smart Release® Advantages

  • Provides asset protection and significant return on investment
  • Reduces toxic chemical exposure and eliminates heavy metal compounds
  • Safer chemical handling for your employees
  • Green treatment reduces your carbon footprint
  • Eliminates plastic drums and other handling/disposal concerns
  • Reduces shipping costs and weight, lowering overall related emissions
  • Improvements energy efficiency with clean heat transfer surfaces
  • LEED Points supporting your facility’s certification
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Reasons for Smart Release®

The difference is in how polymer coating controls the dissolution of actives.
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Brochure | Smart Release®
Smart Release® Technology

Smart Release® was created with robust, proven water treatment formulas.
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ChemTreat Solutions® Control

An integrated package of controls, communication devices, and sensors.
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