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Water Scarcity Concerns

Water Scarcity Concerns

Water, once in abundance, is undoubtedly becoming an increasingly scarce global resource. There is an urgency for companies to invest in water management strategies— both as part of their sustainability efforts to reduce water usage, and to protect their chance at long term success.

water scarcity

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated, “By 2030 nearly half the global population could be facing water scarcity. Demand could outstrip supply by 40 per cent” (Source: RT, ‘Water scarcity by 2030). KPMG found that of the 250 world’s largest companies, 93% has some form of corporate responsibility reporting, 7% higher than two years ago (Source: KPMG, ‘Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2013). On the back-end, it also means an increase in discharge regulations at their facilities, specifically around their cooling towers and waste water treatments (Source: Chemical Engineering, ‘Cooling Towers: Managing Tighter Water-Discharge Regulations). The EPA has been developing several of these regulations as a result of the harmful impacts on aquatic life getting entrapped at once-through cooling intakes, resulting in many industrial facilities considering air-cooled condensers as an alternative.

Dedication to Preservation

As a leading industrial water treatment organization, ChemTreat is armed with the resources these facilities need to improve their strategy. With an average of almost 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, ChemTreat’s expert technical engineers understand the impact water scarcity concerns have on your operations. Our field and corporate support engineers provide customized solutions, based on your system and industry, to overcome the challenges of meeting usage and discharge limits.

Let us help you manage through this global dilemma with solutions like our zero-liquid discharge programs, and low-phosphate products. Our reach even extends past the US – we are diligently working with industries across the rest of the North America and onto South America. Anywhere you look, there is a ChemTreat representative ready to work with you. Let’s come together and protect our most valuable natural resource… water.

Visit our environmental commitment page for more on ChemTreat’s pledge to maintain a sustainable and safe tomorrow!

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