Power Plant Reduces Operating Costs by over $1M with FGD1105

New Product Provides Significant Operational Savings and Eliminates Handling Issues at 
Power Plant

The Problem

A 770 mW supercritical Northern Appalachian bituminous coal-fired power plant had consistent problems handling and feeding dibasic acid (DBA) to their flue gas desulfurization (FGD) wet limestone scrubber system. Plant personnel were also concerned with delivery constraints on the DBA. The plant needed to ensure product was delivered and fed reliably so sulfur dioxide (SO2) scrubbing efficiency was maintained to stay compliant with stack emissions regulations.

The Solution

The plant added ChemTreat's patented FGD1105 to the scrubber absorber tank, and the SO2 level dropped significantly. The drop was so impressive that the plant turned off one absorber recycle pump and observed only a slight rise in SOin the stack gas (120-200 lbs/hour). 

They then turned off a second recycle pump and observed the SOrise to a level still lower than when they fed DBA.

The Results

The plant experienced better SOremoval than ever achieved with DBA. Limestone usage was reduced by 3%, with a 10% reduction once system improvements were fully implemented. The plant improved system chemistry control by moving to continuous feeding of FGD1105 and adjusting pH controls. 

FGD1105 provided operational flexibility with the absorber recycle pumps, reduced maintenance costs, and eliminated the maintenance associated with DBA pump and line pluggage.

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Savings Included:

in reduced limestone

in reduced operating costs thanks to parasitic electrical load reduction

FGD1105 provides greater buffering capacity compared to other available products