Reverse Osmosis Operation

Reverse Osmosis Operation

ChemTreat’s technical expert Edward Sylvester will be presenting on Reverse Osmosis Operation at the Southwest Chemistry Workshop in San Diego.

Presentation Details

Advanced Troubleshooting for Reverse Osmosis Operation


Edward Sylvester, Director of Membrane and Ion Exchange Technologies


Wednesday, August 6th | 8:30 – 9:00 AM


SWCW | Wyndham San Diego Bayside – San Diego, CA

Session Overview:

End-users of ROs usually chemical clean more times than the equipment start-up initially projected. Why? Understanding why will help reduce the newly installed RO from having the membranes replaced due to the steep learning curve by the operating personnel. Knowing what to look for in the feedwater analyses and potential foulants, understanding the design, and asking the right questions, the plant will be better position in understanding the operations, to maximize performance and extend capital equipment life. These topics of learned lessons will be reviewed and discussed in a matter to allow applications in all plants.


About the Presenter

blue manEdward Sylvester, Director of Membrane and Ion Exchange Technologies

Ed has over 34 years of industrial water treatment experience in the development, implementation, and evaluation of industrial water treatment & pretreatment chemistry programs. He belongs and serves in many industrial organizations, presenting and leading round table discussions and paper presentations for Membrane and Ion exchange topics within AMTA, CTI, IWC and many other professional groups.

Ed joined ChemTreat in 2008 in our Corporate Consulting Group specializing in Ion Exchange, Membrane Operation and High-Pressure Boiler Chemistries. He is one of Chemtreat’s most requested presenter among our customer base. Prior to joining ChemTreat, Ed was involved in Customer application support, research and applications engineering with Ashland Chemical Company and the United States Navy.