Automotive Plant Saves Over $500K with ChemTreat Water Treatment Program

Automotive Plant Saves Over $500K with ChemTreat Water Treatment Program

The Problem

An automotive assembly plant in the Midwest was having performance issues in their paint sludge system, leading to quality problems and an increase in overall costs.

Paint solids were building up in the underbooth and pit, increasing maintenance requirements. Odors in the plant production areas also became an issue, and paint solids were exiting the stacks and landing on vehicles in the parking lot.

High suspended solid concentrations caused excessive foam and poor solids removal. The percent solids level of the sludge removed was less than 30%, resulting in higher hauling costs.

The Solution

ChemTreat performed a complete system audit and developed a custom water treatment solution.

Optimized Chemistry

Improved Chemical Feed

  • Upgraded feed equipment: new polymer makedown units and defoamer control system with percent timers
  • Implemented a biocide control program
  • Optimized feed points

Improved Service Program

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • Results documentation
  • Regular site visits for monitoring/verification

The Results

Through the ChemTreat program, the customer experienced the following results and savings:

  • Total suspended solids in the booth water dropped, on average, to less than 40 ppm
  • Sludge dryness increased from <30% to >55%
  • Sludge removal increased by 50%
  • Direct chemical costs reduced by 35%
  • Foaming issues eliminated
  • Odor issues eliminated

Results are examples only. They are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.

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