ChemTreat is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals in North and South America. Our goal is to provide you with the best service through our extensive product and industry knowledge and local expertise. Our deep investment in research and development results in unique chemistries that provide significant value to terminal owners and operators relative to lowering costs, improving safety, and protecting assets. Our field representatives typically have over 15 years of experience in product application and are backed by the highest technical expert-to-field representative ratio in the industry.


Pipelines, Transfer Lines, and Storage Tanks

We provide unique and revolutionary treatment solutions for terminal pipelines, transfer lines, and storage tanks. Our programs help protect assets, meet vapor space requirements, and lower total cost of operations.

Corrosion and Microbiological Protection of Bilge, Transfer, and Internal Lines

  • Pigging and continuous injections for internal pipelines for the mitigation of corrosion and microbiological growth.
  • Sentineladvanced corrosion protection for terminal assets

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Vapor Space Requirements

ChemTreat offers Industry-standard and novel approaches to hydrogen sulfide treatment.

Traditional industry approaches:

  • Organic bases (typically triazine)
  • Inorganic bases (NaOh, KOH, blends)

Catalyst PT3165, a new approach for oil sweetening:

  • Lowers oil sweetening dosage and cost vs. triazine
  • Not a triazine (non-formaldehyde-based)
  • No re-emergence of H2S after 48 hours­­ in laboratory tests
  • Stream-dependent versus H2S-dependent treatment
  • Treats H2S over 100,000 ppm measured in the vapor phase (measured up to 200,000 ppm)
  • Does not precipitate in field tests under normal conditions
  • Treated cost-per-treated-barrel significantly less than traditional industry approaches


Asphaltene/Paraffin: Tank Bottom Mitigation for Cleaning and Viscosity Reduction for Transfer

We offer solvent, inhibitor, and converter treatment options.

ChemTreat can help lower costs of tank cleaning through the application of our asphaltene paraffin converter FL5478, which reduces viscosity for pumping while thoroughly cleaning storage tank bottoms.


Utility Treatment Programs

ChemTreat has over 50 years of industrial water treatment experience. In addition to our innovative oil and gas treatment programs, we help our terminal customers with all aspects of water treatment.

Heating/cooling exchange with water or process streams

  • Specialized chemistries for water reuse and blowdown reduction
  • On-line and off-line heat exchanger cleaning and passivation technology
  • High-stress corrosion and deposit control programs
  • Chlorine dioxide and other chlorine gas alternatives

Wastewater Treatment

  • Oil-water separation
  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants

Boiler Treatment

  • Pretreatment optimization
  • Scale inhibitors and sludge dispersants
  • Chemical treatment specifications
  • Steam purity studies
  • Condensate return evaluation
  • Failure analysis
  • Fuel conservation studies

Automation and Control

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