ChemTreat’s SurfClean™ 2.0 is a dual-purpose halogen stabilizer and biodispersant product designed to enhance the effectiveness of halogen-based biocide programs and improve biofouling management in cooling water systems.

This patented technology helps customers decrease halogen usage, improve heat transfer, and enhance the efficiency of cooling water systems by reducing microbiological fouling and corrosion issues.

What is SurfClean 2.0?

  • As a halogen stabilizer, this product works by creating a total halogen “reservoir” and converts a portion of the free halogen residual to a stable and more persistent total halogen residual.
  • As a biodispersant, the surfactant in the product is designed to remove and disperse biofilms, increasing the exposed surface area to enhance overall efficacy.
  • An antifoam component is added to the formulation to reduce foaming issues while filling bulk containers.

SurfClean 2.0 can be used across industries in cooling towers using bleach or bleach and sodium bromide as the primary biocides.

chemical plant cooling tower


Why SurfClean 2.0?

SurfClean 2.0 provides the following benefits over a bleach or bleach/bromine-only program:

  • More effective at maintaining clean surfaces throughout cooling water systems
  • Total halogen feed reduction as a result of increased halogen stability
  • Reduces chloride contribution, potentially reducing steel and copper corrosion rates
  • Reduces chemical additive degradation (polymers, azoles, and scale inhibitors)
  • Reduces production of harmful byproducts, including THMs and AOXs
  • SurfClean is not a biocide and does not require EPA registration

Statements are in comparison to bleach or bleach/bromine-only program. Results may vary.

This chart shows sessile bacteria levels in untreated cooling water versus four variations of treatment.

The data illustrates that treating the water with a combination of bleach and SurfClean 2.0 reduces sessile bacteria counts more efficiently than bleach alone, even when the bleach concentration is reduced in combination with SurfClean 2.0.

SurfClean 2.0 is part of ChemTreat’s SpecOx® suite of specialty oxidants. Learn more about SpecOx.