Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure high water quality for their manufacturing processes while achieving their cost savings and environmental goals. ChemTreat’s water treatment team has the necessary expertise to help our pharmaceutical customers improve their water quality, increase reliability and uptime, and help them achieve their environmental goals.

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Water Treatment Expertise for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Our highly experienced application experts and local water treatment specialists can provide solutions for the following areas in your facilities:

We also have experience working with influent and wastewater, process loops, heating jackets, and glycol systems.

Our state-of-the art laboratory facilities allow us to develop innovative chemical treatment solutions and quickly analyze water samples from your systems.

Phosphate-Free Cooling Treatment

As phosphate discharge becomes increasingly regulated, ChemTreat scientists have developed our innovative FlexPro® technology: a suite of phosphate-free and low-phosphate cooling treatment products to help you control corrosion and scaling in your systems while meeting environmental sustainability goals. To learn more about FlexPro®, click here.


Solutions for Pharmaceutical Facility Management

Facility managers overseeing pharmaceutical sites need to meet Glide Path requirements to deliver cost savings.

The ChemTreat team can work with your facility on water reuse projects to save on water and operational costs.

We also provide water management plans to help your facility manage Legionella risk.

Our Neat Delivery chemical transportation service is ideal for facilities looking for a hands-off delivery approach. Our trained Neat Delivery specialists transfer the treatment chemicals and remove drums from the premises, helping streamline the delivery process and improve inventory management.


Intelligent Water Management

Our CTVista®+ intelligent water management platform enables monitoring and control of your water treatment programs by providing data management, analytics, reporting, and real-time-guidance.

This cloud-based software helps our customers make real-time, data-driven decisions to:

  • Protect system assets
  • Minimize water, chemical, and energy costs
  • Meet sustainability goals

CTVista®+ combines the collective wisdom of experienced water treatment professionals with real-time data to optimize the effectiveness of the chemical treatment program at your pharmaceutical facility.

Compatible with most industry-standard equipment setups, CTVista®+ is easy to integrate with your existing equipment. Our team can also work with you to create and install a custom equipment package best-suited to your facility’s needs.

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