FlexPro® is a breakthrough innovation for cooling systems 

  • Wide range of products for corrosive, scaling, and reclaim waters 
  • Phosphorus-free and zinc-free treatment options to help you meet your environmental sustainability goals 
  • Excellent corrosion protection compared to phosphorus- and zinc-based programs, providing persistent passivation and non-fouling, multi-metal inhibition 
  • Exceptional fouling/scaling control with non-phosphorus antiscalants, when required 
  • Fluorescent-traced for automatic feed and precise control 

We have nine years of application experience with this proven technology at more than 1,000 unique applications spanning refining, chemical/petrochemical, steel, power, fertilizer, commercial & institutional facilities. 

Many FlexPro products are phosphorus-free and zinc-free. Some products do contain low levels of phosphorus or zinc to meet customer requirements.

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Why FlexPro?

When the water treatment industry was encouraged to eliminate chromates over 35 years ago, phosphate- and zinc-based treatment programs emerged as the technology of choice.

However, we have become increasingly aware of some challenges that can be associated with phosphate-based technology, such as: 

  • Precise control required to prevent phosphate deposits on hot bundles 
  • Escalating dispersant demand to prevent phosphate precipitation 
  • Not effective on copper, aluminum, and stainless steel surfaces 
  • Phosphate’s contribution to toxic algae blooms, including the hypoxic or “dead” zone in the Gulf of Mexico 

These complexities, along with emerging environmental restrictions on phosphorus and zinc discharge, prompted ChemTreat to launch a multi-year effort to develop a technology that alleviates these challenges. The result is a high-performance, sustainable approach to cooling water treatment. Completely non-phosphorus or low phosphorus products are available in this product line, as necessary. 


FlexPro Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Benefits

This product line has demonstrated the following benefits to the cooling system operation, compared to phosphate- and zinc-based programs.

Increased reliability

  • Longer turnaround time

Improved profitability

  • Increased throughput
  • Improved efficiency

Improved biological control and less chlorine for biological control 

  • Lower chloride
  • Lower cost

Simplified startup and passivation 

Will not create calcium phosphate or zinc deposits 

  • Scorching hot, low-flow bundles open clean