FlexCorr for Advanced Corrosion Control

FlexCorr offers best-in-class corrosion performance and will not cause system scaling or fouling under typical operating conditions, reducing the need for frequent cleanings and associated downtime and costs.

Benefits of FlexCorr over industry-standard programs include:

Non-phosphate, non-zinc product options aid facilities looking to improve their environmental impact

Case Study: Improving Corrosion Control and Reducing Operational Costs with FlexCorr

ChemTreat’s FlexCorr cooling treatment products help facilities improve cooling system efficiency while meeting environmental goals.

A large refinery on the Gulf Coast was feeding non-phosphorus corrosion inhibitors to protect their heat exchangers from corrosion. Looking to improve cost performance while maintaining corrosion rates and complying with environmental discharge permits, they decided to switch to ChemTreat’s FlexCorr corrosion inhibitor treatment.

Read the case study to learn more.

How FlexCorr Works

FlexCorr has shown great results in reducing corrosion in heat exchanger systems using mild steel and copper metallurgy. Effective corrosion inhibition helps facilities improve the life of their assets and increase production efficiency by reducing plant downtime.

Blank coupon submerged in alkaline water for 8 hours
Coupon treated with FlexCorr submerged in alkaline water for 8 hours

Data from the pilot cooling tower showing the reduction in corrosion rates on mild steel metallurgy after FlexCorr application