Data center facilities strive to maintain uptime while reducing water and power usage and maximizing system performance. Accordingly, data centers seek cutting edge, sustainable water treatment solutions.

Read the case study to find out how we helped a data center facility stabilize their cooling tower makeup:

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Data Center Water Treatment

From automation and hands-free chemical delivery to custom products for direct cooling methods, ChemTreat’s experienced field representatives design custom solutions to help data centers solve their water treatment challenges and improve process operations.

Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Solutions

ChemTreat offers a range of eco-friendly chemistries for data center cooling water treatment, including FlexPro®, a suite of breakthrough products that include phosphorus-free and zinc-free solutions to help you achieve your environmental goals while maximizing system performance. ChemTreat also has the broad technical expertise to offer full-site sustainability audits, allowing customers to identify improvement projects that will make the biggest environmental impact.

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Data Center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

Maintaining clean heat transfer surfaces is key for data center chillers, which use up a lot of energy. Fouled chiller tubes increase the cost of operation and directly affect data center power usage effectiveness while reducing the lifespan of critical cooling equipment. Data center cooling systems also require redundancy, creating additional challenges. ChemTreat works with you to gain a thorough understanding of system operations and equipment rotations and design water treatment solutions that help you achieve low PUE ratios.

Data Center Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE)

Data centers consume a lot of water for cooling equipment, and sites are increasingly looking at water usage effectiveness as a key metric to improve their systems. Our experienced field representatives partner with data centers to create custom solutions, from utilizing reclaim or recycled water to maintaining cost-effective pretreatment. Our dedication to optimizing data center water usage is at the heart of our water treatment programs for this complex industry.

Water Treatment Automation & Control

Monitoring key performance indicators is an important aspect of good water management. ChemTreat offers a range of proprietary integrated water management technologies that can be customized to provide real-time data and system intelligence to enhance water treatment program control. Data can be used to validate program performance and send alerts when parameters deviate from the norm.

Our CTVista®+ intelligent water management platform enables monitoring and control of your water treatment programs by providing data management, analytics, reporting, and real-time-guidance.

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Hands-Off Delivery

Our Neat Delivery chemical transportation service is ideal for facilities looking for a hands-off delivery approach. Our trained Neat Delivery specialists transfer the treatment chemicals and remove drums from the premises, helping streamline the delivery process and improve inventory management.

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On-Site Chemical Generation

ChemTreat’s variety of on-site chemical generation solutions helps our data center customers with limited floor space minimize large liquid chemical deliveries. We are an authorized MIOX® distributor with factory-trained representatives across North America.

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