Get Actionable Insights for Water & Energy Savings

As natural resources become scarcer and more expensive, many facilities are seeking new ways to adopt sustainable business practices to help them meet their sustainability goals.

An effective sustainability plan starts with a system assessment–knowing where and how you’re using water and power.

ChemTreat can provide a full evaluation of your systems as well as customized recommendations for reducing water and energy usage. Get your sustainability assessment and report to start saving water and power at your facility.

How It Works

The ChemTreat team will take the time to thoroughly understand your plant operations. Our goal is to help you identify where every gallon of water is utilized throughout the year and where unnecessary power is used.

Our team will:

  • Perform a full-site water balance
  • Match meter readings across levels of your water distribution systems
  • Review historic water & electricity bills
  • Review electricity consumption and build an annual usage pattern to identify the base IT load and variable HVAC load

Water usage and power consumption go hand in hand when it comes to good water treatment. Understanding your site’s historic usage is critical to identifying potential areas of improvement. 

What’s Included in the Sustainability Report?

After completing your site’s water and power usage profile, our next step will be building the report out, identifying where the largest improvements can be made.  Areas of focus may include:

  • Water usage
  • Water treatment and how it can improve energy efficiency
  • Uncovering missed opportunities for improved sustainability efforts

The report will detail your current state and how to achieve your water savings goals.

Sample Reports

Project List

After identifying the biggest potential targets for water and energy usage improvement, ChemTreat will build out a project list customized to your facility. This is based not only on the biggest improvement targets, but also on the feasibility and estimated costs to implement. The purpose of this list is to guide continuous improvement projects over the course of several years. 

Project Samples

ChemTreat has partnered with multiple customers on sustainability improvement projects. Below is a sampling of our efforts:

Blended Makeup Stabilization

At one customer site, the cooling tower makeup was a variable blend of city water and site well water.  Depending on demand throughout the year, the percentage of city compared to well would constantly vary, resulting in jumping makeup conductivity and, therefore, conductivity blowdown targets. 

At some points, this resulted in under-cycling and increased water usage, at others, the customer experienced over-cycling, which put the system at risk of heat exchanger scaling.

ChemTreat laid out a step-by-step plan for additional makeup conductivity monitoring and tied in metering for both water supply sides, allowing for the automation of system cycling and blowdown targets. ChemTreat also provided estimated costs for project implementation and a return-on-investment timeline for the project.

Proactive Biocide Treatment on Adiabatic Units 

A customer opted to perform rigorous Legionella testing on their adiabatic cooling units. Additionally, they adopted a responsive plan for effective remediation and retest if/when Legionella was detected in the cooling units.

ChemTreat identified the potential for proactive treatment options to complement their water management efforts. The adoption of these added proactive steps led to a reduction in positive Legionella tests and improved media cleanliness, reducing media cleaning and waste.

These case studies are examples only. They are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.