Beverage manufacturing facilities seek to balance meeting production targets, protecting assets, and minimizing unexpected downtime with achieving water usage ratio goals and other sustainability targets.

ChemTreat’s experienced team and suite of innovative treatment solutions are here to help you improve the efficiency of your facility and achieve your water usage reduction objectives while preserving equipment and reducing disruptions to operations.

Experienced Team Dedicated to Your Success

Our business model is based on establishing long-term relationships with our customers. ChemTreat field representatives typically remain in their territories for their entire careers, ensuring a deep understanding of their customer’s needs and providing unsurpassed service. 

Our field representatives average 15 years of experience, and our technical specialists average 22 years of experience, giving them a deep understanding of the unique needs of the beverage manufacturing industry.

Pasteurizer Treatment

Many factors contribute to the efficiency of your pasteurizers, including water-related issues. 

Our pasteurizer treatment programs include solutions for reducing biological fouling, deposition, and scaling, all of which can significantly impact your production capabilities. 

Our team can help you implement controllers to monitor treatment results and ensure key performance indicators are being met consistently. 

Reverse Osmosis Optimization

ChemTreat’s pretreatment team has over 100 combined years of reverse osmosis expertise and can evaluate your system for water savings opportunities. We have extensive experience in the following reverse osmosis technologies:

  • Single-pass
  • Double-pass
  • Closed circuit 
  • Brine recovery 

We also offer traced antiscalants, which help monitor the system and reduce the possibility of scaling when recovery is increased.

System Evaluations and Efficiency Improvement Projects

ChemTreat’s best-in-class products and expertise can help you improve efficiency by getting the most production out of every gallon of incoming water. 

Our team can perform a system evaluation, including full water analyses and a chemical and hydraulic evaluation to provide an estimate of available water savings.  

We also offer automation capabilities for RO system monitoring through CTVista®+, our intelligent water management system.

Examples of RO system monitoring through CTVista+

ChemTreat’s pretreatment experts can design a full chemical treatment and monitoring program customized to your specific needs. We can review the design metrics around your RO system and any upstream filtration, helping you improve the overall efficiency of your pretreatment.

beverage plant



reverse osmosis

Filler and Conveyor Line Treatment 

Our suite of on-line filler cleaner and conveyor line lubricants support beverage facilities looking to improve the efficiency of their filling and bottling operations by increasing production capacity and reducing operating costs.

Customers who have applied our FillerScrub on-line filler cleaners have experienced the following results:

  • 60% reduction in off-line cleaning time
  • 70–75% reduction in water used for cleaning procedures
  • 50% reduction in personnel required for off-line cleanings

Fillers before and after applying FillerScrub

Results are examples only. They are not guaranteed. Actual results may vary.


Water Conservation & Reuse

ChemTreat field representatives and consultants understand your plant’s challenges around water savings and sustainability needs. 

We have extensive experience supporting plants looking to reduce, reuse, and conserve water. When properly treated, water reuse systems provide a variety of benefits, fostering long-term sustainability.



Utility Water Treatment 

Our highly experienced application experts and local water treatment specialists can provide a wide array of water treatment solutions for your utility systems.

Boiler Treatment

ChemTreat offers a full line of boiler water treatment chemicals, testing, and control equipment. Our programs can help you increase system efficiency, decrease plant downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and extend equipment life.

Cooling Treatment

We have extensive experience providing water treatment for a variety of cooling systems. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and create a custom program to help you meet your goals. 

Applying our products can help keep your system running at peak efficiency to meet production targets, extend equipment life, and meet your environmental goals. 

Non-Phosphorus and Low-Phosphorus Cooling Water Treatment

Our FlexPro® technology offers a breakthrough innovation in cooling system treatment

This treatment program includes non-phosphorus, non-zinc and low-phosphorus, low-zinc options to help your facility meet its environmental goals.

Benefits of FlexPro over industry-standard phosphate scale and corrosion inhibitor programs include:

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Exceptional fouling and scaling control with non-phosphorus antiscalants
  • Fluorescent tracing for automatic feed and precise control
  • Enhanced reliability thanks to extended turnaround times
  • Increased throughput and improved efficiency
  • Improved biological control that requires less chlorine
  • Simplified startup and passivation
  • Reduced calcium phosphate and zinc deposition
  • Reduced aquatic toxicity

FlexCorr Advanced Corrosion Control

Committed to continuous innovation, ChemTreat has developed FlexCorr, an even more advanced cooling treatment technology for best-in-class corrosion performance. Like FlexPro, this suite of products offers both non-phosphate, non-zinc, and low-phosphate, low-zinc options. It also offers an even lower aquatic toxicity by LC50 for facilities looking to improve their environmental impact.

Smart Release® 2.0: Next-Generation Solid Cooling Treatment

ChemTreat has partnered with Dober to offer Smart Release, an alternative to liquid cooling treatment that helps customers lower greenhouse gas emissions caused by freight shipping, reduce storage requirements, meet environmental goals, and limit chemical exposure.

Smart Release adapts to variable load swings and seasonal operating conditions, protecting systems from unwanted corrosion, scale, and microbiological growth. The chemistry is automatically fed at controlled and accurate quantities, improving performance and reducing the potential for chemical overfeed or underfeed.

SpecOx® Specialty Oxidants for Enhanced Microbial Control

SpecOx is ChemTreat’s unique specialty oxidant program, which provides enhanced microbial control in cooling and process waters. ChemTreat takes a novel approach to advanced microbial control, with multiple chemical options, proprietary techniques, enhanced equipment offerings, and a dedicated team of application experts. 

We assess the technical and financial demands of each individual application to optimize product, dosing rate, and application point to meet the specific needs of your system.

CD30: All-in-One Approach to On-Site Chlorine Dioxide Generation

The CD30 program offers several different methods of generating chlorine dioxide, and the installation is customized to the specific needs of your system. 

By using the most appropriate generation technology, our SpecOx team develops individualized treatment solutions to solve unconventional problems. CD30 provides a turnkey solution with technical, installation, and monitoring support.


ChemTreat’s patented, dual-purpose halogen stabilizer and biodispersant, SurfClean, helps customers reduce microbiological fouling on surfaces and improve heat transfer. 

As a halogen stabilizer, it creates a chlorine “reservoir” and converts a portion of free residual to stable, total residual. As a biodispersant, its surfactant qualities are designed to remove and disperse biofilms, increasing the exposed surface area to increase overall efficacy. 

Wastewater Treatment

High water consumption in beverage facilities can result in the generation of large quantities of wastewater. 

Our wastewater specialists can customize a wastewater treatment process that helps your beverage plant optimize chemical usage, improve effluent flow rates, and reduce off-site treatment costs.


Intelligent Water Management

Our CTVista®+ intelligent water management platform enables monitoring and control of your water treatment programs by providing data management, analytics, reporting, and real-time guidance.

This cloud-based software helps our customers make real-time, data-driven decisions to:

  • Protect system assets
  • Minimize water, chemical, and energy costs
  • Meet sustainability goals

CTVista+ combines the collective wisdom of experienced water treatment professionals with real-time data to optimize the effectiveness of the chemical treatment program at your beverage manufacturing facility.

Compatible with most industry-standard equipment setups, CTVista+ is easy to integrate with your existing equipment. Our team can also work with you to create and install a custom equipment package best-suited to your facility’s needs.

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