ChemTreat provides customized programs designed for the challenges associated with specific industries like injection molding, glass manufacturing, and electronics. We have dedicated industry specialists that work with our field representatives to find water treatment solutions that meet your industry’s unique needs and maximize the effectiveness of your systems.

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ChemTreat works with many manufacturing segments of the electronics industry, including communication devices, computing equipment, semi-conductor chips, printed circuit boards, microelectronic components, copiers, printers, fax, and other peripheral equipment.

Quality Treatment for Electronics Manufacturing

The majority of water treatment for communications hardware manufacturing is related to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. ChemTreat has expertise in treating the associated HVAC process systems that support these critical manufacturing processes.

The microelectronic industry’s water treatment systems consist of HVAC, high-purity rinse water, process cooling and heating water, clean steam generation, scrubber water, various process closed loops, wastewater, and water reuse systems.

Using ChemTreat’s complete product line and service expertise, the problems and downtime associated with the following types of equipment/processes can be minimized or eliminated through softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, demineralization, EDS, and activated carbon filtration:

  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Process closed loops
  • Scrubbers
  • Waste treatment
  • Metal removal
  • Air handlers
  • CRACs (computer room air conditioners)


This industry presents unique water treatment challenges, with molten glass temperatures reaching nearly 3,000°F. ChemTreat has worked with glass plants for over 25 years and has developed specific products to address this industry's processes.

Quality Treatment for Glass Manufacturing

Our products, technical expertise, and routine in-plant service have allowed us to become the premier supplier to the glass manufacturing industry. We have been recognized for our expertise in both float glass and container manufacturing. From treatment of glass stirrers to shear spray, we are committed to meeting the demanding and unique water treatment needs of our glass manufacturing customers.

Managing water resources while protecting plant assets and maximizing production in a glass plant requires deep domain knowledge. Controlling bacteria in environments where they can easily thrive, exceeding industry standards for deposition and corrosion in stressful conditions, and managing contamination for cost-effective waste disposal all require the support of engineers experienced in successfully managing these challenges. ChemTreat provides the necessary capabilities for all glass manufacturing applications while also understanding the relation between each of your water systems. From intake to discharge, we make the best use of every drop of water in your facility.



ChemTreat is a leading provider of industrial water treatment solutions for the textile industry, whether cotton, wool, or synthetic fibers. We offer a complete line of chemistries for boiler and cooling applications engineered to extend equipment life, protect the environment, reduce energy and water costs, and decrease maintenance.

Critical Temperature and Humidity Control for Textile Production

Our water management programs for critical chilled water and air washer systems provide temperature and humidity control for conditioned air spaces. We offer optimum corrosion and deposit control within air washer internals, mist eliminators, and chiller evaporator surfaces. Our programs also provide supply air electrostatic charge neutralization where necessary.

Increasing demand for compressed air within textile facilities has rendered compressor cooling water systems among the plants’ most critical areas. ChemTreat has worked with air compressor manufacturers to develop effective treatment approaches to ensure equipment reliability and efficiency.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of wastewater treatment technologies specifically engineered for the textile industry. There are several industry-specific contaminants in textile wastewaters, including dyes, chemicals, colors, fats, and oil. Our field representatives can customize a reliable solution that fits both your budget and discharge requirements.

The textile industry is facing severe pressure to reduce color from dye and other finished operations in wastewater. ChemTreat continues to develop innovative chemical and mechanical solutions to help mitigate this issue. In some cases, we have achieved 100% wastewater recycling, allowing for the redeployment of engineering resources to production areas.


Tire and Rubber

ChemTreat is a leading supplier of water management products and services to the tire and rubber manufacturing industries. Our programs encompass the entire spectrum of industry applications, including pretreatment, cooling, boilers, water reuse programs, and wastewater treatment solutions.

Quality Treatment for Tire and Rubber Manufacturing

Our extensive experience with specialty cooling water requirements includes applications for cooling the rubber blending and handling equipment, such as Banbury®, rubber mills, and extruders. Special critical requirements involve treating the tuber cooling water that contacts the tire treads after the extrusion process.

We deliver optimum results for the most demanding chemical process systems. Many of our larger customer sites benefit from an on-site ChemTreat office providing dedicated services and full-time technical support.