The deposition of unwanted materials on equipment surfaces can be a significant cause of industrial water system failures. Scale deposits can reduce system performance, cause unexpected shutdowns, and necessitate environmentally challenging cleaning operations.


Introducing QuadDetect®

ChemTreat’s QuadDetect technology accurately and reliably measures and controls deposit control agent (DCA) residual in your cooling systems. This can help you monitor cooling system stress and detect the onset of scale formation.

With QuadDetect, your facility can reduce your total cost of operation and extend equipment life.

Benefits of QuadDetect:

  • More accurate than PTSA tracing, which is an inert tracer separately added to the product
  • Directly measures active product, helping with long-term stability of chemical concentrations
  • Does not require reagents for on-line monitoring, accurate measurement, and control
  • Can be used with a hand-held or on-line probe

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Intelligent Water Management

Our CTVista®+ intelligent water management platform provides a dedicated dashboard, custom trend charts, and reporting options for QuadDetect.

This cloud-based software helps our customers make real-time, data-driven decisions to:

  • Protect system assets
  • Minimize water, chemical, and energy costs
  • Meet sustainability goals

CTVista+ combines the collective wisdom of experienced water treatment professionals with real-time data to optimize the effectiveness of the chemical treatment program at your facility.

Compatible with most industry-standard equipment setups, CTVista+ is easy to integrate with your existing equipment. Our team can also work with you to create and install a custom equipment package best-suited to your facility’s needs.

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