Water Monitoring Systems

ChemTreat’s water technology and monitoring systems allow our customers to analyze and manage their water treatment system with ease and efficiency. ChemTreat Solutions is our very own line of advanced water control equipment, which works seamlessly with our CTVista+ intelligent water management software and our experienced team to help you achieve your water treatment goals while reducing costs and preserving your assets.

This portfolio of software and hardware equipment solutions allows our customers to remotely monitor and control their water treatment to ensure performance levels are precisely maintained. Our customers have access to an integrated package of controls, communication devices, and sensors that can be customized with a wide range of capabilities. Each version is engineered to monitor various properties critical to your operations, reducing operator time and increasing reliability.


CTSolutions® Chemical Controller

The CTSolutions controller is a versatile water treatment automation system designed to optimize boiler, cooling, and wastewater management programs. By leveraging a wide range of sensor and communication technologies, CTSolutions is one of the most flexible, accurate, and secure monitoring platforms available.

The controller can help your facility:

  • Optimize treatment levels with advanced monitoring and control technologies
  • Reduce manpower requirements by automating testing and control of key system parameters
  • Decrease total cost of operations by minimizing water and chemical usage
  • Improve response time to system upsets

Other benefits include:

  • Multiple mounting options to increase flexibility
  • Multiple control outputs
  • Versatile communications options (Modbus/BacNet, ethernet, cellular standard)
  • Data logging capabilities
  • 100+ total options for standard inputs

Intelligent Water Management: CTVista®+

CTVista+ combines the collective wisdom of experienced water treatment professionals with real-time data to optimize the effectiveness of the chemical treatment program at your facility.

Our CTVista+ intelligent water management platform enables monitoring and control of your water treatment programs by providing:

  • Data management
  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Real-time guidance

This cloud-based software helps our customers make real-time, data-driven decisions to:

  • Protect system assets
  • Minimize water, chemical, and energy costs
  • Meet sustainability goals

Compatible with most industry-standard equipment setups, CTVista+ is easy to integrate with your existing equipment. Our team can also work with you to create and install a custom equipment package best-suited to your facility’s needs.

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Our monitoring & control software and equipment offering is subject to system components and site-specific conditions. These offerings are subject to standard warranty.