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Maintaining condenser system health is a critical aspect of plant operation, particularly in power generating facilities looking to optimize plant availability and meet megawatt production goals.

Why Monitor Condenser Performance?

Condenser performance issues can negatively impact your heat exchange efficiency, which can affect production and shorten equipment life.

Many facilities already monitor condenser health, but most monitoring technologies will only provide a cleanliness factor without pinpointing where the issue is occurring or why.

Our Condenser Performance Monitoring technology gathers, analyzes, and reports on key issues impacting the health of your condenser. It helps your ChemTreat team troubleshoot and provide recommendations on where operational, maintenance, and treatment modifications can be made to enhance performance and optimize production.

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Detect Issues Early with Intelligent Monitoring & Analysis Software

The ChemTreat team uses our state-of-the-art water management software, CTVista®+, to help you monitor and control your water treatment programs. CTVista®+ includes a suite of intelligent tools specifically designed for condenser performance monitoring:
  • Heat transfer monitoring
  • Custom KPI charting and analysis
  • Comparative charting for fast, accurate troubleshooting
  • Report generation
  • Troubleshooting guide

Not only can our software detect issues, but it may also identify where the issue has occurred and how to mitigate it. With expert guidance from our experienced staff, it enables your water treatment team to adjust your chemical programs accordingly.


Our Condenser Performance Monitoring technology can help you:

  • Make system improvements
  • Enhance plant availability
  • Optimize production
  • Decrease troubleshooting time

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Audit Your System to Understand Specific Needs and Treatment

Your ChemTreat water treatment team will work closely with you to audit and understand the specific needs of your system.

Our field sales engineers average 15 years of water treatment experience. They are supported by a staff of technical experts with an average of 22 years of experience.

Choosing ChemTreat enables you to partner with a highly knowledgeable team who will work tirelessly to help you achieve your facility’s treatment goals.


Data-Driven Chemical Treatment Solutions

Regularly monitoring condenser performance improves our ability to identify the specific issues your system faces: both shell-side and water-side. Combining results from our Condenser Modeling Program with the cooling water data captured in our CTVista®+ program, your ChemTreat team can begin to accurately determine if there is a water-side issue and make treatment program recommendations best-suited to address your system needs.

Our treatment programs may include:

  • Cooling and boiler treatment technologies to help reduce corrosion, scale, and fouling
  • Wide range of biocide technologies for fouling reduction, including chlorine dioxide generation, monochloramine-based programs, and liquid stabilized halogen
  • Non-phosphorus chemistries to help you meet your environmental goals

Contact us today to request a system audit and find out how our programs can help you improve production efficiency, save fuel, and preserve equipment.

All systems are different. As with all other technologies, due diligence is necessary to determine the feasibility for utilizing methods; always consult your equipment manuals and guides. This technology is an add-on and not a standard offering with CTVista®+ intelligent water management software.