ChemTreat field personnel have the most experience in the industry treating industrial reverse osmosis (RO) and membrane filtration systems. Our engineers can customize a membrane cleaning program to eliminate scale-forming constituents from your RO feedwater, keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.

Reverse Osmosis Operations Enhancement

Industrial RO systems can treat virtually any feedwater if certain quality guidelines are met. Good pretreatment is necessary to remove the suspended solids, colloidal material, metals, and other contaminants and keep the RO system on-line and functioning well.

Pressure vessels, charged with various filter media types, are used to remove suspended solids and other unwanted materials from wastewater. The filter type you need depends on what you want to remove.

ChemTreat offers a solution for preventing microbiological growth formation on RO membranes using aqueous chlorine dioxide.

Learn how industrial reverse osmosis systems can be used for water reclamation and zero-liquid discharge.