Filler Cleaning and Line Lubes Reduce Water Usage and Maintains Clean Conveyors

Filler Cleaning and Line Lubes Reduce Water Usage and Maintains Clean Conveyors

ChemTreat’s filler cleaning solution, as well as dry and wet line lubes, help the customer increase their asset utilization and reduces their water usage while increasing efficiency.

The Problem

A global brewing company was oversold in the canned beer industry. The brewer needed to install a new production line or find a way to increase production on the existing line. ChemTreat was told by the customer that installation of a new production line was necessary to remedy this lack of product and would cost over 100 million dollars.

The Solution

An external filler cleaning system was proposed with unique chemistry that allows the brewery to clean the fillers while they are in operation. A new conveyor lubricant was applied in combination with the current system. Current operation was to run for 1-2 weeks and then shut down for cleaning. The cleaning would take 8 employees 8 hours to perform.

The filler cleaning system, in combination with a conveyor lubricant that also cleans while it runs, allowed the brewer to run for 4-6 weeks before having to shut down for cleaning. The new cleaning now takes 4 employees 4 hours to accomplish.

The new conveyor lubrication was applied in two parts:

1. CP4500 is a wet lube applied from the filler to the pasteurizer.

2. CP4600 is applied after the pasteurizer to the packers and uses no water, reducing friction.

The Results

CP4500 cleans as it lubricates. CP4500 reduced water consumption during operation and the amount needed during a shutdown. CP4600 forms a very slippery dry coating on the conveyors, allowing for easy cleaning, minimized friction, reduced belt wear, lessened electrical amp draw, and increased efficiency.

ChemTreat’s technology allowed the brewer to fulfill their orders without purchasing a new production line. There are 80 production lines throughout this U.S. organization. According to the customer, the yearly efficiency gains per line were in the $1,000,000-1,500,000 range. The customer estimates this technology was able to save them an estimated $1,200,000 in the first year.

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